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We are located in Grand Rapids, MI. Please call or email me to schedule a viewing.

Payments and Returns

Customers may pay by cash or credit card. All sales are final, although the customer has a 48 hour trial period to return the guitar in person or by mail. If a customer decides to return a guitar within the said trial period, then they are responsible for shipping both ways. The guitar must come back in its original condition. If the guitar is structurally damaged, scratched, or broken in any way through return shipping or in the customer's care, then the customer will be held fully responsible.


In no event is Jonathan Marshall Guitars liable for any injury acquired from playing or handling an instrument purchased from Jonathan Marshall Guitars.  We are also not liable  for the following, but not limited to indirect damages, lost wages, lost profits, medical expenses, time, or loss or damage to property.  If you feel that playing an instrument sold by Jonathan Marshall Guitars is negatively affecting you physically, then stop playing your instrument and seek professional help.  You agree to these terms by purchasing, playing, or handling any instrument sold by Jonathan Marshall Guitars.