Guitar Repair

Guitars are made of wood and have a tendency to move with the seasons. Annual set-ups are recommended to make sure your instrument performs with you, and not against you. For a typical set-up adjustments are made to the saddle, nut, and frets. Some guitars have a truss rod, but this is for a neck relief, not for adjusting the action. If you need a repair or a set up, then feel free to view my pricing below:

Standard Set-up:

Adjustments to the saddle, nut, frets, and strings $40.00

New Nut: $50

New Saddle: $50

Crack repairs: $40 per crack

Fret Leveling: $50

Complete re-fret: $285 (I re-fret with a taller fret that offers a better crown and more material for adjustment). Low frets are about as useful as lint.

Broken headstock: $100 to $150

For any  other repairs contact me. All repairs will be quoted before the job is started.