Rafal Turkowiak

Rafal Turkowiak is an exceptional and inovative guitar luthier from Golanice Poland.  He built his first guitar at the age of 15, and since then he has built many classical, flamenco, acoustic (steel string), and jazz guitars.  His soundboards are constructed with his very own "Wave Type Resonator" design, and he is the first luthier to incorporate acoustic tubes in his guitar necks.  His guitar necks are also shaped assymetrically to give the player a more ergenomical approach to the fingerboard.   An instrument's inherent function is to offer the musician to comfortably produce a beautiful sound.  Rafal Turkowiak has intermingled the fullness of sound  with luxurious craftsmanship.  This is truly a guitar for a lifetime. 


Solid Spruce Top

White/Black Ebony Back and Sides

Lattice Bracing

650mm Scale

Elevated Fingerboard

Beveled Armrest

Hard Shell Case

Price: $5,300  USD


Rafal Turkowiak Queen of Guitars