Yulong Guo Guitars

Yulong Guo is China's number one classical guitar luthier.  His Chamber Concert Double-Top model is his claim to fame and can be built with the option of either cedar or spruce for the top.  The double top is constructed with a nomex lattice structure sandwiched between two thin layers of solid wood.  Mr. Guo's lattice bracing system is used on both his Cedar and the Spruce top.  Both the Cedar and the Spruce top option make for a loud, colorful, and balanced concert instrument.  Please view the photos and videos below.


  double top cedar or spruce (lattice bracing) with nomex lattice structure between the two tops.

Back:  Indian Rosewood arched back with maple inlay

Sides:  Indian Rosewood

Fretboard, Bridge, and Arm Rest:  Ebony

Tie Block:  Twelve hole tie block to keep the proper angle from the string holes to the saddle

Scale:  650mm

Fretboard:  Elevated

Body:  One Sound Port with Yulong Guo's Carved Signature

Case:  Comes with a fiberglass case


 2014 Spruce Chamber Concert:
  Price: $4,600 USD Contact for Special Offers!

2014 Cedar Chamber Concert: Price:   $4,600 USD